About us

Residential recording studio located 15km from downtown of Gdansk. Built from scratch in a beautiful countryside, but with a distance of 11km from international airport.
Studio Equipped with SSL4048 G+, great monitoring system, amazing collection of outboard, microphones and instruments.
The first of two recording rooms is 7,5m high, with a 60m2 surface, with a perfect view of a forest from the hill. Perfect place for recording smaller orchestras, tracking full bands live, or recording huge rock drums.
Second recording space is a 3,4m high, 34m2 surface is a special room designed to use it for smaller bands. Room response is natural and very musical. It can also be used as a second recording room with out main room simultaneously!
Studio has also a special separated iso booth with a surface of 15m2 made for guitar/bass cabinets isolation, but it could also work as a vocal booth when tracking bands live.

We offer also full kitchen, and bathroom for our guests. We can provide help with accommodation.
We designed it , built it, from scratch without any compromises. Made with only natural material like wood, and stone, and high quality fabrics. Check our gallery 🙂