Tall Pine Records

Studio created from the very basics, invented, designed, made from scratch, without any compromises. Consisting of two live rooms with an area of ​​100m2 (main liveroom – 60m2, small liveroom 40m2), 35m2 control room and iso room 16m2, social facilities fully equipped with the possibility of accommodation for the sound engeener. The whole studio is ventilated and air-conditioned, for optimal conditions to work in each room. For the love of nature, we used only natural finishing materials. Wooden, stone, and wood once more  99% were made by hand. Especially we did not use ready-made solutions in order to best control of acoustics, and at the same time avoid “typical” ready-made for visual and aesthetic reasons. Show floor plan.

Liveroom “A”

Liveroom “B”

Our main liveroom, thanks to a height of over 7m, is a room with a huge cubage! It has the ability to shorten the reverberation time by curtains and movable absorbers. The room response is incredibly natural with a huge dose of diffusion, thanks to the use of natural materials in the right configuration. We will record here a chamber orchestra without any problems or a band in complete separation – thanks to an additional dedicated room for amplifiers / and / or vocalist – ISO. See gallery.

The second liveroom on the first floor, which allows communication through a huge glass with a main liveroom, is a more intimate room, with a shorter reverberation time, beautifully saturated. The sound is focused but in no way suppressed, once again the response of the instruments is very natural. Perfectly suited to the genres of acoustic music. Room shootout available on YouTube.

Control Room

Control room, whose heart is the only one in Poland, completely restored and one of the last ones – SSL 4048G+. A desk with a fantastic history previously worked in one of the more recognizable studies in the UK, restored and serviced by Peter Higgs. In addition to the digital recording on Protools HD, we have in stock fully calibrated (in NAB or CCIR + 9db fluxivity 370nW) 24 channel Studer 827 able to record in a completely analog way. We have a lot of outboard, a collection of classic microphones, an unique backline – everything that is needed in the process of creating colors in every musical genre. Check out full gear list


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